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Newpro is located in Smithers BC and is a leading manufacturer of “Industrial Blonde” grade engineered wood products since 1981. The company was originally called Northwest Panel Board when it was founded by Dick Groot.

In 1992 Dean Shaw bought the company and ran it for the next 15 years and made numerous improvements. In 2007 Dave and Darren Jacobs bought the business from the Shaw family when Dean passed away and have been making improvements in the plant for both the board quality and for the environment. Newpro works closely with the British Columbia MoE and have a continuous improvement plan in place.

Newpro is 100% Canadian owned by Dave and Darren Jacobs. Newpro is not owned by a big conglomerate; when you deal with Newpro chances are you are dealing with one of the owners. Newpro has a strong public involvement supporting numerous programs within the community. Newpro uses as many local suppliers as possible to keep our carbon footprint down, our fiber supply comes from a sawmill 1 km away.


Particleboard is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood particles, such as wood chips, sawmill shavings, or saw dust, and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded.

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Newpro's Particleboard consists of northern spruce and pine softwood fibers which are world renowned in their superior machinability characteristics to produce a panel that is easily machined, improving our customers' productivity and providing longer tool life.

Newpro manufactures a variety of grades and sizes of particleboard to meet customers specific requirements and applications. All panels are 49" x 97" and standard thicknesses range from 7/16" - 1 inch.

Superior Machinability.

Using Northern Spruce and pine softwood fibers allows for superior machinability, making it the top choice for commercial and residential applications.

Various Grades & Sizes.

Particleboard is consistent, durable and produced to precise thicknesses in a variety of panel sizes.

Lighter in Colour.

Newpro “Industrial Blonde” is known for its smooth light colour and exceptional machining ease, optimizing production time and minimizing waste.

CPA Sustainability Standards.

Newpro follows environmental practices approved by the CPA for Grademark use.

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For Sales, please contact: Hutton Forest Products Inc.
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Newpro News

NEWPRO CURRENTLY QUALIFIES FOR THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS APPROVED BY CPA FOR GRADEMARK USE AS OF APRIL 2012 Department of Housing and Urban Development Standard 24 CFR Part 3280.   Testing Method: ASTM E 1333 (most recent year)   Air Change: 0.5 AC/H   Loading Ratio: 0.13 ft2/ft3   Emission Level: 0.30 ppm    American National Standard for Particleboard ANSI A208.1 (2009) Testing Method: ASTM E 1333 or proven equivalent ASTM D 6007   Air Change: 0.5 AC/H   Loading Ratio: 0.13 ft2/ft3 or 0.04 ft2/ft3 for LD grade   Emission Level: 0.09 ppm or 0.18 ppm    CPA Voluntary Environmentally Preferable Product Specification CPA 3-08 (April 1, 2008)   Formaldehyde Certification: CPA EPPS 3-08   Recycled/recovered Furnish Content: 100%   Emission Level: 0.18 ppm for particleboard   0.21 ppm for MDF   0.20 ppm for hardboard    California Air Resources Board – Air Toxic Control Measure 93120 Phase 1 and 2   Testing Method: ASTM E 1333 or ASTM D 6007   Emission Level Phase 1: 0.08 ppm HWPW-CC   Emission Level Phase 2: 0.09 ppm for particleboard   0.11 ppm for MDF   0.13 ppm for thin MDF   0.05 for HWPW-VC   0.05 for HWPW-CC CPA Voluntary Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Standard CPA 4-11 (9/19/11) Formaldehyde Certification: CPA ECC 4-11 Emission Level: 0.09 ppm for particleboard 0.11 ppm for MDF 0.13 ppm for thin MDF All Newpro NAUF Particleboard falls under CARB Phase 2 Emission regulations


For Sales, please contact: Hutton Forest Products Inc.

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